Thursday, 4 February 2016

What is The Importance of Computer Science In This Life Written By CS Matric

What is The Importance of  Computer Science In This Life

Computer Science is a Common Word These Days But We Really Don't Know The Real Meanings of this word because this word is much deeper word if we want to try to go inside this word we will defiantly come back without success today I am going to tell you something important but not so much its only a little bit about this Word " Computer Science" .


Word Computer Science Means The Science the mechanism of computer that’s means what is computer where from it came and what we can do with it and how helpful is this for us


So now we discuss a little bit about that is computer helpful and important for us if "Yes" So then how Computer is Facilitating Us  So in my Views Computer is Helpful for Us Because Computer is A Machine that Can Solve our many Big Problems that a human needs a lot of time to solve the problem in the main while a computer can do this work in minutes or seconds.  So Computer is much Helpful for Us


As if we are getting many help from Computer but there is also some disadvantages of Computer So Some of them is going to be Discuss here First Of All when we use a computer it attacks our Health it makes us Lazy and many other Problems comes to our body , it makes our eyesight week and many other problems etc.

Computer Science:-

At  The End of my Article  I am here to discuss about some important things of computer and I want to suggest you something better so follow them and be successful

·         Don’t SIT Under the Computer for A Long Time
·         Don’t Sit very close to monitor
·         Use a Screen Radiations Spinner
·         Use Computer and Takes Brakes During Using Computer

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